Saturday, December 22, 2007


Why are some days wretched for no apparent reason?

Ann and I worked out at the Y this morning (Friday), our normal workout, then the day tanked. Ann developed a migraine, I had a headache and what felt like a bad sinus-allergy thing, and neither of us accomplished much of anything the rest of the day (sorry Phoebe - your present will be in the mail really soon).

The news had mentioned an air quality alert a few days ago, so - grasping at straws - I checked online and found the air was still "unhealthy for sensitive groups," and Ann and I definitely comprise a sensitive group. As it turns out the Air Quality Index is updated hourly and logged to a fare-thee-well, and today's levels of around 100 and dropping barely compare with 144 on Wednesday (higher being worse, and 150 called just plain "unhealthy"). They say the effects of poor air quality are cumulative, though, so I've officially blamed the AQI for our malaise, and I'm taking solace in the fact that it's improving. I also turned the furnace fan on full-time to get some use out of that 3M filter the furnace guy said not to waste our money on. I'll leave the question of how the many healthy and productive people in the community cope for another day.

Related to the AQI is the CFI, or Comfort Food Index. For dinner I had a can of the Amy's brand spaghetti stars I overbought for the kids and four flaxseed toaster waffles. Ann had graham crackers and milk. When all else fails, lower your expectations and have comfort food.

HEY, it's winter as of about 20 minutes ago. Hmmmm.

Happy Solstice.

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