Sunday, November 30, 2008


I sent an email to everyone we spent Thanksgiving with, and Ann suggested I kill two blogs with one stone and turn it into an entry here.

Hey Everybody,

Yeah, I don't know how it happened but everything's covered in snow here this morning, so I'm glad not to be driving anywhere today. Ann's fighting that darn cold again, so send healing thoughts. I'm about to walk another warm drink her way.

We had a great time at Thanksgiving. It was lovely seeing everyone. It took me back to my first Thanksgiving at Homewood, when everyone was so sweet and silly and sometimes outright loony, and I remember having an image of Steve and the rest of you going to a weekend retreat at Clown College, and at the end all the clowns gathering around your car, shaking your hands, and saying "Thank you, we learned so much!" I think of this now in part because of the trick of how many Helms Teri can feed and house.

So here are the links to the bootleg Whitley tapes (let me know if there are any union or copyright issues here, Shaun), the Thanksgiving photos, and a couple of pictures from our last Sterling visit. Most of this is on facebook too, but I realize not everyone visits that particular land of make believe.

Love to all,


That'll Be The Day

Words of Love

Thanksgiving Album

Weekend in Sterling